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The Mini Live Room

Designed with your coziness and comfort in mind, our Mini Live Room is our take on the optimal setup needed for a productive session with your band mates without compromise.


Don't be fooled by its diminutive size and name, our Mini Live Room still has everything it takes for full fledged rehearsals for your upcoming show or late-night writing sessions.


The Essentials

From shimmery clean tones to high gain distortion, our diverse selection of amplifiers and equipment has everything you need to for a truly no frills, plug-and-play experience.


Multi-Track Recording

Need to record a demo for your new song or a performance review of your rehearsal session? Simply bring a laptop, your own mics and hook it up to our XR18 mixer, which also doubles as an 18 channel USB audio interface.

Equipment List

Guitar Amplifiers

  • Vox AC15VR (Tube Hybrid) w/ Celestion VX12

  • Marshall JVM205C (Tube) w/ Celestion V30

Bass Amplifiers

  • Fender Bassman TV Fifteen (Tube Hybrid) w/ Celestion Green Label Ferrite Speaker

Keyboard & Synths

  • Korg SV-1 88 Keys


  • Natal Bubinga Fusion in Aqua Fade Finish (10x6.5, 12x7, 14x12, 22x18)

  • Pork Pie 13x7 Patina Brass


  • Meinl Extra Dry Hi-Hats 14”

  • Meinl Byzance Vintage Trash Crash 16"

  • Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Crash 18”

  • Meinl Byzance Jazz Nuance Ride 21"

Drum Hardware

  • Tama HH605 Hi Hat Pedal

  • Tama HP600D Single Pedal

  • Tama 1st Chair Drum Throne

  • Assorted Tama Star Series Boom Cymbal Stands


  • Behringer XM8500 (x4)

  • AKG Drum Set Session 1


  • Mackie Thump 15A (x2)

  • Peavey 15" Floor Monitor


  • Behringer XR18

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